Desiree reaches new heights with BlackMilk ALTITUDE Campaign

Desiree for the latest active wear campaign for BlackMilk Clothing.

We had a quick chat to Desiree about the campaign and here's what she told us....

Q. Where was the campaign shot?

Desi "We actually shot the campaign right on the Gold Coast! The location was at this outdoor roof top gym in Varsity Lakes called Temple Gym, and there were great views of the hinterland."

Q. How big was the production team/crew?

Desi "The crew wasn’t too big on the shoot that day: there were four representatives from Black Milk - Alex (creative direction), Eden (assistant), Palmina (designer), and Michelle (social media) as well as Phoebe (@phoebefever) the hair and make up artist, Carlene (@studioflamingo) the photographer, and Steph Pacca the social media and fitness model!"

Q. What was the funniest moment you remember about that shoot?

Desi "When I did a one handed round off (cart wheel) out of nowhere and everyone was shocked and (of course) asked me to do it again for a boomerang."

Q. What's your top beauty tip at the moment ?

Desi "My top beauty tip would definitely be to drink a lot of water! I’ve been drinking a couple of litres every day and I’ve noticed my skin becoming way clearer as well as all this added energy. In terms of products - I love using @itsthebuff jojoba oil mixed into my moisturiser in the morning and at night for softer skin. "

Q. What's your favourite work out to do?

Desi "Since I don’t really have much free time between full time university and modelling, I don’t get myself into the gym as often as I would like to… I compensate for this by biking between school, home, and the grocery store, or going on quick rides through the park as a way to get some cardio and fresh air during the day. "

Photographed by Carlene Raschke aka StudioFlamingo
Makeup and hair by Phoebe Fever
Production Team: Alex Ovett;
Copyright BlackMilk Clothing